Pl@stique Overload

Society, we all know there's something wrong and we know it all along
Sincerity, you may think there's no one else 'til they put you on a shelf
Society, pay your taxes stand in line help them plan for your demise
Society, crush the weak to get your share cause nobody's playing fair
And no one cares

Society Pennywise

Final artwork


gallery grade print Examples

Pl@stique Overload

This crypto art drop is up for offers. This artwork was done using Cinema 4D, Corona Render, and Affinity Photo. Furthermore, elements like the plastic wrap were carefully photographed and edited to match the design and message. No paper was harmed, even though I tore some and scanned to create the ripped effect.

70% of the auction earnings will be donated to to make the planet great again and for the vast energy, consumption crypto art has.


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5900 x 5900 px (png)