A New Awakening

The second Drop, which is part of the whole series, sits with the first experiences that every living being has. The proverb, “Start on the green meadow,” is taken literally in this Drop. Green is the primary color that hints at our primitive relationship with the world’s first creation – nature, life. This Drop using 3D techniques and rendering solutions to give it that surreal and realistic looking feel.

/// Unrestrained Desire ///

Desire, a feeling often connected to love, to passion, and heat. We desire different things, depending on which stage in life we are. This artwork. stands for all that hunger, desire, passion, and love. The unrestrained desire.

This artwork was done using Cinema4D, Corona-Render and Love!

Let There Be Light

My very first drop on knownorigin.io

I’m overly proud to be among such great artists, and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on my art.

With this very first drop, I will start my series “Illusion Of Life.” It refers to actual real-life and all the stages we’re going through as humans. From the beginning, the first light to death. “Let There Be Light” is, therefore, the beginning of everything and, as I said, the beginning of my series consisting of six works of art.

About the artwork:

The white color, purity, and cleanliness of this work of art show the start we all have in life. No outside influence has taken part yet. It’s just pure life.

I hope you enjoy the limited edition of 5 pieces as much as I had creating it.

Death Isn’t The End

The final artwork from my series “Illusion of Life” shows death, that supposed end of a cycle. But this is far from being the end. Death is a transition into another life that we are not able to comprehend. Our bodies become one with nature again.

Product design exploration

I’m a huge fan of product design. I have no idea how to approach good product design and wanted to learn more about it. All objects shown are done during experimenting with different modeling and texturing techniques. The beauty often lies in shape itself. Enjoy the gallery.

Nature Exploration

After getting more and more comfortable within the Blender world, I started adding more tools to my pipeline. One of them is “Scatter”. It’s basically a workflow enhancement tool with some really beautiful plants, called Biomes within the tool. My Nature-Scatter exploration took me into the beautiful space of digital plants and trees.

Still life

This still life was part of my everyday series in 2018. I still like the overall quality of these renders and wanted to share them on my website. My main goal was to interpret everyday objects in a studio. I’ve chosen this environment because I believe we don’t appreciate our everyday tools and objects enough. This series tolls tribute to these everyday heroes.

Material Exploration

I wanted to dive into Corona Render for Cinema4D, and what could be a better way than exploring its material and lighting system. After I touched each and every feature that the render can offer, material-wise, I was able to produce the following renders.


Logo Design and typography design for a food blogger that also brews his own beer.

The Surrealist

I was honored to design and animated two videos for the former Band “The Surrealist” now DARK. I was approached by Roopam Garg via E-Mail after he saw my music video “seeds v.2” on vimeo (https://vimeo.com/15594881). He wanted me to recreate the visual style of it for his song “Origami” and I loved the idea, and I love Roopam’s music. I hope you enjoy the videos I’ve made as much as I had producing them.