Category: Work In Progress


I started this artwork by reading about math equations, and I watched tons of youtube videos about producing 3D objects. My goal and motivation behind these 3D shapes were to generate beautiful and homogenous surfaces. Because Blender 3D makes it much more comfortable with its latest release, 2.92, I could explore so much faster, but the learning curve is there.

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Experimenting with Blender 3d and it’s newly released geometry nodes in 2.92. This Exploration was a series of triangulations, subdivision, and edge splits to get the final result as shown below. Furthermore, I used weight maps to improve on randomness for the final shot. I have always been in love with mathematically based 3D geometry. Now, that I have the skills, tools, and resources to do so, I will do much more of these organic shapes. They represent so much more to me than just shape. They are organic even though mathematical precise. Like nature, quantized in a digital dream.

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