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The newest addition to the SO Material libraries with over 200+ materials, textures, light studios, and color presets. This package will save you hours of work and will help you to produce high quality looking results.


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With over 190+ handpicked and designed materials, your projects will look great, be faster done, and gives inspiration. Almost all materials are tileable and therefore deliver the highest repeatability throughout your renders. Check out some examples below.


A huge variety of different grid materials for any situation. 

car paint shaders

A huge variety of different grid materials for any situation. 


These are the freakshow of the material library, but also the most unique ones.


Timeless and great companion for any modern design.


From gold to copper, we got you covered.


This modern materials are inspired by art. Multifunctional and all purpose designs.


Need to mock-up that flyer for a client? Use one of this high-res materials.


Colored, clear or soap bubble. Whatever you need, it’s there.


Beautiful Terrazzo materials at your finger tips.


Need to design a sci-fi interior or need an illumination map for a space ship’s hull? Or you want to make a greeble render. These 8k grayscale textures got you covered in combinations with Corona Render’s mighty displacement settings, almost every detail preserves.





light studios

Probably the easiest way to stage your 3D objects are the studios included in the SO Mat Lib v.2. No matter if you want your characters, products, or just a beautiful background, the contained studios cover most sceneries.

color presets

Have you ever been in the situation to give your design the right color, gradient, or color harmony? So have we, which is why we have pre-selected suitable color gradients and color fields for you that harmonize perfectly with each other in any given situation.

4C - Gradients

2C Gradients

4c - swatches

5C - Swatches

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It's not only one of the biggest, but also one of the most beautiful ones
It saved me time, money and we could focus on our designs rather than building and technology.
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All renderings are using materials form the SOMAT2 library.

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