About me

I’m a father, husband, designer, believer, artist, buddy, caretaker, rump shaker, writer, b-boy, dancer, cook, cineast, mind-bender, empathizer, animator, 3d freak, cryptoartist, educator. 

David Samuel Drayton is a passionate UX consultant, professional 3D motion designer, and avid amateur photographer. In his 20-year career as a creative mind, he has worked with various prestigious film, TV, and design studios to conceptualize holistic user experiences. During his time as UX Lead at MAXON Computer, David became deeply involved with animation’s effects on user perception and has made this his area of expertise. 

David has given presentations at industry conventions and trade shows and has received design awards for his animated UI’s, among others. His mission is to turn static interfaces into immersive, meaningful, and characterful UI’s.

My art on the net


My youtube channel aims towards 3D artists who want to learn the art of 3D. My main focus is on Blender and Cinema 4D.

No matter if you are a seasoned 3D veteran or a total starter in the field of 3D. I will try to be as beginner-friendly as needed, but as professional as it should. The art of 3D comes with a lot to know, most things one can ignore nowadays, but some techniques will never go away.

My channel will help you learn new things. Bot by simply telling you how to do stuff step by step, but mainly to give you a guide and inspiration to start your own personal learning path.

I am so looking forward to greeting you on my channel.

Let's connect

Adresse: Fuchsienweg 8, 68305 Mannheim
Phone: +49 162 62 11 768
Email: d.drayton@strangerobjects.com
68305 Mannheim - Germany