Who is David Drayton?

I’m a father, husband, designer, believer, artist, buddy, caretaker, rump shaker, writer, b-boy, dancer, cook, cineast, mind-bender, empathizer, animator, 3d freak, cryptoartist, educator. 

When David started studying, the term user experience slowly came up. That’s precisely why he also studied “classic” communication design and, so to speak, grew into the profession of UX designer during his jobs. As is so often the case in this professional field, “learn on the job” also applies. Early on, David discovered his passion for animation design and 3D rendering and animation. Various professional stations have brought him to MAXON Computers, for example, where he worked on the well-known 3D software Cinema 4D, as well as to the software company SAP. There, together with colleagues, he even received the Red Dot Design Award for his work on SAP Fiori 2.0. 

The focus of his work is the development of prototypes and designs for websites. A large part of his work consists of putting himself in the shoes of customers and incorporating their wishes and needs into his concepts. In a way, his job also has a lot to do with psychology and requires a lot of direct contact with people, e.g., in the form of interviews or workshops, which David appreciates very much. In his private life, David is particularly passionate about 3D animation. On Instagram, he regularly publishes snippets of his work under the profile strangerobjects68, and he is also very active on Twitter. He finds inspiration on blogs, in magazines or via YouTube, and you can find out exactly which sources of inspiration these are on my website or social feed.

My art on the net


My youtube channel aims towards 3D artists who want to learn the art of 3D. My main focus is on Blender and Cinema 4D.

No matter if you are a seasoned 3D veteran or a total starter in the field of 3D. I will try to be as beginner-friendly as needed, but as professional as it should. The art of 3D comes with a lot to know, most things one can ignore nowadays, but some techniques will never go away.

My channel will help you learn new things. Bot by simply telling you how to do stuff step by step, but mainly to give you a guide and inspiration to start your own personal learning path.

I am so looking forward to greeting you on my channel.

Let's connect

Adresse: Fuchsienweg 8, 68305 Mannheim
Phone: +49 162 62 11 768
Email: d.drayton@strangerobjects.com
68305 Mannheim - Germany